The last drop of male ejaculate that dribbles out the tip of the penis post clean up.

Failure to wait for the Snot Dob to make its appearance usually results in one's boxers or briefs cementing the material to the tip of the penis like superglue.

Must be yanked off like a bandaid.
During his morning piss, Frank realized he didn't clean up is snot dob after sex the night before when he pulled down his boxers and painfully yanked his cemented cock tip from the fold of his fly.
by Eaton Holgoode January 12, 2017
Unusually large, enormous, huge
She was carrying a dob-off suitcase.

I could eat a dob-off piece of cake right now.

That is one dob-off pair of gazungas
by Hyacinth1917 August 14, 2008
A retarded child. A window licker. A boss eyed dribbler. A Currys or Comet staff member.
"Have you still got that dib dob kid?"
"I thought you said your baby was cute! I think he might be a dib dob"
Acronym for Double Day-Old Balls. Mainly associated with college students who haven't bothered to shower in at least two days and are now starting to notice a lower half aroma ascending towards their nostrils. Can be particulary problematic when the student is getting some face time with a pretty girl.
I can't be trying to tap that shit when I got D-DOB.
by Syd Barrett 1970 September 5, 2010
When your chick is sitting on the floor doing laundry and you walk up and put your balls on her head.
My bitch was in the zone folding clothes on the floor, so I snuck up and went bingo dobbing on her face
by lesterlee April 19, 2015
Told on you; revealed your part in something to someone else, often in authority, from whom you were trying to keep it secret.
The teachers all know now, because Billy dobbed me in.
by Spellchecker4000 November 3, 2017
The little dollop of remnant shit on the penis after going balls deep into his or her colon during a vigorous anal sex sesh.
Hand me the gak towel. I need to wipe off this knob dob you filthy whore.

He mushroom stamped my forehead with the knob dob I gave him.

Dude did you eat corn today? There’s a kernel in my knob dob.
by Dick Onchin November 1, 2020