A loaf of shit that is beginning to poke out of your ass prior to reaching a toilet. Turtleheads are generally dealt with using careful restriction of the sphincter muscles until you can make it to a toilet. You must squeeze firmly enough to prevent the shit loaf from further sliding out of the ass, but not so firmly that you chop the turtlehead off, or smash it with your ass cheeks creating an undesirable mess.
Guy 1: "I really need to take a shit."

Guy 2: "A little, or a lot?"

Guy 1: "Well, I've got a turtlehead."

Guy 2: "Okay, that's an emergency. Be careful not to pinch it off. I think I see a restroom over there."
by Big B72 August 16, 2008
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When you cna't hold a cramp anymore and the very tip of it comes out like a turtlehead"
"I need a bathroom, like now, it's turtleheading."
by ammre September 1, 2003
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Suck this turtlehead out my buuuutthole!!
by Anonymous August 7, 2003
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The nickname of when your poop is poking out of your butthole.
by itSirBoi April 23, 2017
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A word used to describe the current state of a departing poo. This term may only be used when the turd is protruding from your sphincter. Also known as "Touching cloth".
Person1 "What is that bulging in your trousers?"

Person2 "Oh that... Just a turtlehead."
by Si Todd March 4, 2004
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