383 definitions by Dick Onchin

I could hear my roommate whipping the flaps last night after going to bed.

I walked in on my sister whipping the flaps to lesbian porn.

I spent the whole weekend whipping the flaps after my boyfriend canceled his visit.
by Dick Onchin October 14, 2020
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Rubbing the erect penis vigorously between her moist pussy lips to achieve orgasm. No penetration is performed. Usually results in a massive busted nut on her mons and lower abdomen.
I did the velvet rim on Rachel last night. I busted in like a minute all over her mons.
by Dick Onchin April 12, 2020
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Another less formal, colloquial term for one’s bro’s brohole. The bropussy is offered up when a bro is hard up and needs to bust one.
Kyle offered up his bropussy for me last night. It was so tight I damn near rim fired but in the end I was able to pound it. What a bro he was to take it.
by Dick Onchin December 29, 2021
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Smegma around the penile glans. Usually found on an uncut male with poor hygiene
I haven’t showered in two weeks. I got a bad case of dog cheese right now.

She went down on me and pulled back the skin and gagged a little on my dog cheese.
by Dick Onchin April 11, 2020
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A male, usually a teen or twenty something, who is such a virile, semen machine, that he’s able to to bust a copious nut several feet into the air.
My Grindr hook up was a ceiling painter. Glad my face was not in the line of fire. I may have lost an eye.

I prefer a ceiling painter as opposed to a dribbler. How’s your prostate by the way?
by Dick Onchin November 3, 2020
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Tip To Taint

The measure of complete blow job success by way of complete inhalation of the entire throbbing male member.

I wasn’t quite sure she could handle it but I was pleasantly surprised when she took me tip to taint last night.

She was teasing my banjo string for a bit and the next thing I know she was going tip to taint like a fat kid eating candy.
by Dick Onchin October 22, 2020
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That sweaty, cheesy amalgam that builds in the make groin crease after long, hot workouts.
I scratched my sack between sets and the ripe pungent stank of gym cheddar was all over my fingers.

I have to shower. The gym cheddar is real.
by Dick Onchin September 8, 2020
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