384 definitions by Dick Onchin

1. A smelly pussy. A stank ass snatch with hints of wet garbage and warm urine.

2. A street walking whore that will let you her rail her behind a dumpster for $5 or a cold tall boy.
She dribbled down her panties and my dorm room smelled of alley snatch.

My dad woke me up today and asked me why the backseat smells like alley snatch.

I never made it to lunch today. I ended up getting a little alley snatch.
by Dick Onchin September 21, 2020
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The wife came to bed and straddled my face with her mulled prawn.

I had a touch of the stank puss but thanks to a little vinegar and water I’ve got a wonderful mulled prawn.
by Dick Onchin October 20, 2021
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I could hear my roommate whipping the flaps last night after going to bed.

I walked in on my sister whipping the flaps to lesbian porn.

I spent the whole weekend whipping the flaps after my boyfriend canceled his visit.
by Dick Onchin October 14, 2020
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Rubbing the erect penis vigorously between her moist pussy lips to achieve orgasm. No penetration is performed. Usually results in a massive busted nut on her mons and lower abdomen.
I did the velvet rim on Rachel last night. I busted in like a minute all over her mons.
by Dick Onchin April 12, 2020
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Another less formal, colloquial term for one’s bro’s brohole. The bropussy is offered up when a bro is hard up and needs to bust one.
Kyle offered up his bropussy for me last night. It was so tight I damn near rim fired but in the end I was able to pound it. What a bro he was to take it.
by Dick Onchin December 29, 2021
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Letting loose a fart but you shit your undies or panties just a little bit instead.
I did a moist slide during the meeting. I had to excuse myself for a quick wipe.
by Dick Onchin August 14, 2020
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Male on male anal sex whereby the rhythmic pounding creates a pendulum effect and the two ball sacks start clapping together.
My roommate and I decided to try broholing last night and ended up clapping nuts.

I could hear my dad and uncle in the garage clapping nuts.
by Dick Onchin October 7, 2020
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