When you dab and sob at the same time. Usually used to express a mix of sadness and happiness. Made during Trans Visibility Day to express a mix of confusion on trans headcanons.
"Did you see Tony dobbing today? I think we should check in on him"
"Oh don't worry about him. He dobs all the time."
by Snow Prism April 4, 2021
p1- hey are you a dob fan?
p2- yes i love dylan!
by hirangeo February 22, 2021
by Bhggggggggggecghzgkdgmdhfk November 26, 2021
My escort texted to say"we should dob at 11:30 pm."
by Ebony Girl Fucker January 18, 2021
The Dobsonfly that lives in Mr.Fregolis ear, which is struggling with an identity crisis of not being a Cicada. It likes to switch its habitat, so it might as well sit in your ear and make you listen to white noice all day.
My ears are ringing, but I don't have a tinitus...it's all just? White noise??? Idk how to explain...
- Do you have a Dob in your ear?
by the_chaos July 8, 2022
dob (adj).

1. Mentally insane

2. Stupid

3. Both of the above
I am so dob rn
this assignment is so dob
by cs3 hater September 21, 2022