(Noun)Someone (usually male) with an exceedingly large amount of sexual energy or enthusiasm.
A person defined by his peers as a "manwhore."
Zach, you are the biggest dob i have ever met!
by BB. April 13, 2008
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The act of masterbating. Often done in risque and mysterious places around your house or grado.
A mother comes home from a long day at work expecting a warm embrace from her children when she walks in the door. As she walks through the house with no greeting, she grows curious and enters her 12 year old son's room only to find him dobbing in the corner of his room to Playboy Magazine.
by Derona August 5, 2008
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Domination On Bano, (Bathroom) It's when you take a huge shit. DOB's must consist of the poopie being a length of 1 1/2 ft. or longer, if the poopies snaps becuase it was so long and couldnt fit down the little hole in the toilet, use it as extra bragging. "Oh yea, my poopie had to cut itself in half so it could go down the toilet." Some more DOB Qualificatons:
1. Numerous Flushes
2. Clogged Toilet
3. Wet Buttcheeks
4. The back of your knees being wet
5. Straining of the neck leading to popped blood vessels
Once you have a DOB, you usually call your friends to tell them about your masterpeice. Spread the word of your Domination on the Bano with pride.
Dude: Man, I just had to flush four times so my poopie wouldn't clog the toilet.
Dude 2: Nice! DOB!
Dude: The only problem was, my buttcheeks got so wet I had to jump in the shower to clean them off.
Dude 2: Crazy Sick Yo.
by Youngchaunce August 17, 2008
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An acronym for Daughters of Bilitis, the first lesbian group in the homophile movement. It was founded in 1955 as a way for lesbian to be able to meet others in a respectable, non-bar setting. It was a significant part of the pre-Stonewall gay rights movement.
The DOB members often worked with the Mattachine society men.
by KikiAbbottWoolf May 13, 2006
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Tony: " look at that chick, she is a major DOB "
Mary: " that bitch had too much Calvin Klein"

Tony: " I bet she did...ahhahaha"
by Bezal August 30, 2007
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When a male has to take a shit really badly. That shit begins to turtle-head and recesses back into the butthole, milking the prostate and creating an ensuing boner. That boner is a Dob Bole.

Thus, a Dob Bole is a boner caused from fecal matter milking the prostate.

Note: No outside sources of feces can contribute to the Dob Bole, only your own.
Brian: Oh my god, I have to take a huge shit.

Nate: Dude, you smell like youre prairie dogging. And why do you have a boner?

Brian: Don't worry, thats just my Dob Bole. It'll go away after I move my bowels.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008
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The last drop of male ejaculate that dribbles out the tip of the penis post clean up.

Failure to wait for the Snot Dob to make its appearance usually results in one's boxers or briefs cementing the material to the tip of the penis like superglue.

Must be yanked off like a bandaid.
During his morning piss, Frank realized he didn't clean up is snot dob after sex the night before when he pulled down his boxers and painfully yanked his cemented cock tip from the fold of his fly.
by Eaton Holgoode January 12, 2017
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