The most beautiful girl you will ever see in your life who will always put a smile on your face. Marion is a very smart girl who can be very clumsy and forgetful at times but will always make up for it. She draws every guys attention and every guy is jealous of the guys she's with. This gorgeous girl only settles for the one guy who will treat her right and not try and date her because of her looks, but yet her personality. If you're ever lucky enough to have a girl named Marion, never let her go and always do your best to please her.
Guy 1, "Who's you're girl"
Guy 2, "My lady is the beautiful Marion"
Guy 1, "Damn, she's hot as hell"
Guy 2, "She's not hot, she's gorgeous and has a great personality, and she's all mine"
by Guy 2 in the story September 11, 2012
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Marion's tend to be really down to earth and loud but can hide secrets especially about family and boys from everyone. Marion's tend to be hilarious around their friends but shyer around others. Looks wise Marion's tend to have a rocking body with amazing bum, stomach and breasts. Marion's tend to have gorgeous eyes and a killer smile and can make guys fall head over heels with her. Marion's tend to fall in love quickly but can be very very dirty. She has admirers but never notices they like her. Marion's tend to be good at sport, English, languages and child care.
Boy: Hey did you see that Marion girl today?
Dude: Yeah her booty was fineee
by harrypotter707 April 24, 2015
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Marion is a name used for both men & women, however it is more commonly used for women. Marions are usually detatched, beautiful, sometimes quiet, very smart, & incredibly friendly. Marions are drop-dead hilarious. Marions tend to fall in love very quickly, for a long time. Marions have an amazing artistic sense. Marions are very shy. Marions can have the most gorgeous eyes you've ever seen in your life. If you're lucky enough to know a Marion, you should tell her everyday.
Boy 1: "Dude, look. That's Marion, the girl I was telling you about."
Boy 2: "Dang, she is hot!"
Boy 1: "I know right! I like her a lot."
Boy 3: Who the heck is that?!? She's so pretty!
Boy 1 & Boy 2: "Dude, I know."
by Baeleigh Miller January 9, 2012
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Smart, beautiful, gracious, but mostly she's just a sexy girl. She's impossible to forget because you always smile when you think of her. She's unpredictable but always forgiven. She has her own agenda but will keep your heart warm and always remain friendly. She will kick you out of her bed before you kick her out of yours. She's the kind of girl that needs to be a verb instead of a noun.
Damn! Nobody does it like Marion!
by urbanass November 21, 2012
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someone who is loud, able to make you smile, always chooses the hard challenges, and is always there when you need a friend. Usually pretty, but can be average looking too.
cam: oh wow look at that babe!
john: oh yea. marion! shes super nice!
by Cheva145 July 3, 2009
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"mum can i borrow 50p?"
(you've just been marionized)
by twilightactuallover March 8, 2009
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An all around cool guy/girl that hangs out with any crowd or all crowds. in the end they'll end up bein your best FRIEND! Also they have a natural talent in sports.
Hey, you no that Marion kid.

Yea, why?
Hes/shes cool isnt he/she?
by Manimal542 March 2, 2010
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