a person with an addictive personality often has problems with drugs and alcohol but some how manages to maitain contol of their life.
god that guy is a real olli bolly dob dob flower how does he manage it
by pinkie567 January 13, 2010
from birth to death; from the cradle to the grave. From dob (date of birth) and dod (date of death).
The serf served his master from dob to dod.
by uttam maharjan August 22, 2012
Metaphorically inspired by the meaning of dobbing (ie imposing on someone to do something) to refer to the physical movement of head bobbing when done with the same goal in mind.
Mudit did the Dob when his friends brought up ditching his plans.
by BowBombBow March 18, 2017
That old man dancing with that 20 yr old is a dob
by Urbandobby September 17, 2015
to be strange and have no friends but also a massive attention seeker. also can be used as a verb (to be dobbed) is to be screwed over.
ye hes such a dob

You've been dobbed on lad
by IBTWI April 11, 2020