arguing over and over then many gonna stuck in the abysmal riddle which is not immutable. Because they got slump, it will be hard to get out of the hell like quarrel.
My sister will take entrance examination after 2 months, but very erratic and nefarious sister do not allow her study distracting each family members.Ensuing this event, she finally resent and fuck babbling slangs.
by purinsy September 4, 2008
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From the days of newspaper TV Guides that would write two sentence synopses (loglines) of a television show. Sometimes these summaries wouldn't sound comedic on the surface, so "hilarity ensues" was used to ensure the audience understood it was a premise for a comedy.
Tonight on Seinfeld, George decides the best time to have a snack is during sex. Hilarity ensues.
by flobo November 11, 2010
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An ending that can be put onto the ends of stories and plans. A convenient phrase to use when your story or plan sounded really dumb. It usually doesn't make much sense.
Me: Ok here's what's gonna happen: I'll go steal her key's and she will spend the whole night trying to find them!
Other People: (stare)
Me: Hilarity ensues.
by Jake Seifert March 12, 2006
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Something funny is upcoming due to a build-up of circumstantial events, or a comedy of errors.

Sometimes involves rape.
You: Fuck! I just shat my pants!
Rape Panda: *Waits for hilarity to ensue*
hilarity ensues
by burgernator August 3, 2009
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To do a silly, entertaining and a little bit crazy actions
I met my friend for coffe yesterday. started by talking about our lives, soon we high jinks ensued and we ended up acting our stories, standing up, flailing our bodies and people stared at us.
by R97 March 17, 2019
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When you're waiting for something to happen *Jeopardy Music Ensues*
Hym "Oh jeez oh man... It can't possibly be that I was right... There must be some excuse... I wonder what the excuse could be? 'You weren't sincere!' Oh? That would be convenient for you, wouldn't it? The arbiter of meaning everyone ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ And it would trap me in a situation where even if I was, you still aren't required to adhere to your own ethic. Because it's isn't about 'ethical behavior' it's about mediating outcomes. It's about you controlling your own behavior in spite of or regardless of your ethic and the behavior of your 'lessers' being controlled..............."

Hym ".......... Hello?"

*Jeopardy Music Ensues*

Hym "Hello?.......... I guess I'll just sit here and not do anything for ever...... Or I'll just do what other people want me to do...."
by Hym Iam August 11, 2022
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