Snoop started using nephew to try and get people off of using the n-word all the time. Means the same (ie brother), but in a less aggressive/derogatory sense.
what's crack-a-lackin nephew??
by jerome November 22, 2003
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Used in the dc area as greeting to younger males from older males. A term of endearment used to express respect and love for a younger african american male from their big homie.
You got to be smarter than that nephew.
by elpadron November 1, 2007
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what to call someone looking hard
"wassup nephew" (must be said hella hard and while dogging the person)
by Nigga Please May 8, 2003
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What only children may have had a chance of enjoying if their parents were less stingy with their reproductive organs.
My nephew was hit by a beer truck last tuesday. They've got an open bar at the wake.
by L0sT June 27, 2006
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