To overcome obstacles in your life that have kept you from succeeding or being happy. This can be people, a mind set, a habit, or something else.
We must start to overcome this hatred that we have for others.
by Plagasus May 11, 2018
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A warrior, someone who battles no matter what task is ahead, someone that not only regains strength from his weaknesses but also sees life in a way no others can. Someone that doesnt laugh at racism, someone who doesnt feel pain, someone who has been through it all, and did it with a smile on their face. The true definition of an overcomer is a warrior.
The overcomer was ready for any kinda fool that stood in his way.
by will dicus July 18, 2005
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To ejaculate more seminal fluid than is normal. An excessive amount of sperm. Most noticeable when ejaculating ON someone as opposed to IN someone.

Past Tense: overcame
I hadn't gotten laid in days, so when I went home with this slut, I pulled out and gave her a facial! Needless to say she was overcome!
by BlissAbyss2112 February 9, 2009
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the obstacles (things, experiences or people) that you've overcome in your life
kicking cigarettes was one of my best overcomings
by saintrafael January 7, 2013
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To shoot an overly large amount of come at something/someone thereby conquering it/them.
Always do your best and strive to overcome any obstacles you face.
by John Lange February 22, 2018
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to do something you couldnt before
she overcome her fear of flying, and flew to L.A.
by KcNF January 3, 2007
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Person who masturbates excessively. A wanker.
We are a nation of overcomers.
by Hands on Deck in NZ December 31, 2021
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