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To talk endlessly, usually when talking incorrectly.
"What you chattin' bout?"
by A February 22, 2005
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you get sexiled when your roommate asks or forces you to leave your room, because s/he wants some intimacy with his/her S.O.
I got sexiled last night and slept in the nerd box.
by A January 18, 2000
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Country bumpkin way of saying 'wow' or 'damn'
Shebang! my cousin/wife, this possum is the bestest I ever did et.
Well shebang dat must be the pertyest three legged dog i done ever seen.
by A October 14, 2003
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Often used by someone to describe themselves as "genuine" or "authentic". It is perhaps the most overused and generic word in current use, rendering it almost meaningless. Browse any personals advertisements and every other person who lacks a sufficiently descriptive vocabulary will describe themselves as "real".
by A May 19, 2004
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Software which fills your computer with adverts for itself, claims to play videos but actually turns them into slideshows due to poor use of buffering.
I'm not installing that fucking realplayer on my computer, does it come in another format?
by A March 21, 2003
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