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take a dump
be right back, gotta pinch a loaf
by a March 27, 2000

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Has whiskey in it
Irish coffe, irish cream, Irish man
by a November 22, 2003

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Pretty much the smartest people out there.
O shit, hes an aerospace engineer
by a February 17, 2005

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these days in Ireland, a Yoke refers to almost *anything*
"how do you get this feckin yoke to work?" - computer
"pass me that yoke" - pencil
"this yoke is feckin broken!" - DVD player
by A January 15, 2005

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a really really dirty slut!
"britney spears is such a slutbag."
by a February 25, 2004

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Software which fills your computer with adverts for itself, claims to play videos but actually turns them into slideshows due to poor use of buffering.
I'm not installing that fucking realplayer on my computer, does it come in another format?
by a March 21, 2003

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Feeling horny; actively pursuing someone of the opposite gender.
"Joe is on it tonight"
by A February 22, 2005

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