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The point where you are so fed up with your high-speed computer being stupidly slow because of all the viruses you've picked up, half of them being virus-stoppers themselves, that your anger bursts and you ultimately DESTROY your computer's monitor, and kick the computer section underneath to death.

Friend: "What's wrong?"

Friend at computer: "My computer's being TOO F-ING SLOW!!!"

Friend: "Why don't you walk away?"

Friend at computer: "BECAUSE IT'S TOO F-ING SLOW!!!"

Friend: "???"

Friend at computer: "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! ARGH!!!"

Friend: "Dude, calm down."

Friend at computer: (looking insane)"Must... destroy... AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!"
*throw heavy magnet at monitor in frustration, then kicks that crap out of the computer box*
by Jillybean-Jellybean January 17, 2009
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A person who happens to be awesome even though they are dense.
My friend, Myvanwy, happens to be a Myvanwy. She's awesome because she wears weird clothes but she's really bad at math.
by Jillybean-Jellybean March 23, 2009
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You must be bored. Extremely bored, otherwise you wouldn't have gone to a dictionary site and typed in 'i am bored" just to see what popped up.
*types in "I am bored"*
*finds this entry*
*reads example*
*thinks to self - "Wow, I really am bored."*

by Jillybean-Jellybean January 16, 2009
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