'You've been going out for ages! Haven't you given her one yet?'
'Out of ten, I'd give her one... hur! hur!'
by MarkDallas June 22, 2007
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Slang for inferring you want to shag a woman.
Look at that stunner! I'd give her one!

Or if you want to be clever:

That woman is beautiful.
Marks out of ten, I'd give her one.
by cs94njw February 8, 2017
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Used when you happen upon a particularly beautiful woman, and then skillfully using the 1-10 scale as a rating - you twist it into a different type of ending - with the meaning that you would like to fuck this woman.
Me - 'Oooh, u see that?'
U - 'Uh huh, thats real nice!'
Me - 'Rating?'
U - ' Out of 10? ... I'd give her ONE!!'
by Hoki June 18, 2004
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