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Verb, meaning to have very hard sex, or go to town on a woman usually in derogatory fashion with the bloke deriving most of the sexual pleasure and often wishing to inflict some element of short term pain, internal damage or other adverse physical condition on the woman e.g. hoping the woman will bleed or walk ‘bow legged’ for several days afterwards.
1. I’ll destroy you tonight, dear.
2. Did you give her one last night? Yes, I completely destroyed her.
by Neil99 March 17, 2006

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Verb, meaning to have dirty sex with a woman.
1. Did you terk her last night?
2. Can I terk you, love?
by Neil99 March 17, 2006

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Verb, meaning to have sex with a woman, usually in a rough manner and accompanied by the bloke grunting loudly or making animal type noises.
1. Did you beast her?
2. Can I beast you?
3. I’ll give you a good beasting tonight, love. Woof-woof, oink-oink, grrrrrr
by Neil99 March 17, 2006

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Adjective meaning to have sexual intercourse. Derived from helm-et (another vulgarism for the penis), helm, i.e. the act of using one’s helm-et or helm-ing, and the idiom to be at the helm - a position of leadership or control taken from nautical terms for the steering wheel of a vessel (from Old English helma, from Proto-Germanic khelman = "handle") particularly attributable to sexual intercourse “doggy style”
"Did you helm her last night?"
"What did you do last night?, I was at the helm"
by Neil99 March 14, 2006

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