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-Long time WWE wrestler whose gimmicks have included the groups, Evolution with Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Batista and Degeneration X with HBK-Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Mr. Ass-Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and Chyna.

-Trademarks: long hair, very noticeable big nose, using a sledgehammer, Pedigree (finishing move where he kicks someone low like in the stomach or balls and puts their head between his legs and grabs both their arms and drops his knees taking his opponent with him as he land flat face first into the ground), oddly (quite possibly due to the fact that he is WWE owner, Vince McMahon's son-in-law) has repeatedly held the HeavyWeight title and receive a lot of air time on TV even when not champion, always comes out to the ring entering a match by taking a sip of water from a bottle-standing on the outside of the ring-looking right then left then center on the camera-and raises his arms up and spits up the water

-Married to WWE owner's daughter and former SmackDown! manager, Stephanie McMahon. (October 2004)

-Was engaged to 9th Wonder of the World and fellow DXer Chyna until he cheated on her with Steph McMahon, oddly Chyna ended up with his friend also from DX, X-Pac

-Nicknames: Cerebral Assasin, The Game
Ex1: HHH took over the role of leader of DX when Shawn Michaels was out injured.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
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The large nosed man who according to the internet is single-handedly responsible for all of the world's misery. HHH crucified Jesus, started both world wars, sunk the titanic, assassinated JFK, destroyed the twin towers and caused the famines in africa! But thanks to his almighty backstage powers and his sledgehammer of doom there's nothing anybody can do to stop his evil doings!
If something goes wrong in your life, you can bet that HHH did it!
by Tugboat December 10, 2003
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Homie Hoppin Hoe. A girl who initially dates you or a friend, then proceeds to date the rest of your friend circle.
Joe: "So I heard you're dating Sarah"
Tyler: "Yeah dude, I already got some slop top"
Nathan: "She's dated like half of the football team now, she's a HHH"
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A WWE superstar with a big nose who happens to be married to the daughter of WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

A former 10 time World Champion, 1997 King of the ring, 4 Time Intercontinental Champion, Tag team Champion, European Champion, and 2002 Royal Rumble winner.

some dude: Have you seen HHH on TV latey?
Me: The self proclaimed "god" of RAW? Of course... he really let himself go.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
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(n.) WWF/WWE wrestler. Plays a heel charactor. Real name is John-Paul Levesque.
HHH will take over WWE from Vince MacMahon after Vince dies, while also inheriting a large amount of Vinces fortune through Stephanie. In short, this guy will be a billionaire before he hits sixty.
by Kung-fu Jesus June 23, 2004
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Hahahahahah-uh. Triple H is The Game-uh, and he talks like this-uh. He f'ed the boss' daughter-uh and got a push beyond your wildest dreams-uh.

He used to be great-uh! But now he sucks-uh.
"HHH is Da Game, yo'!"
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr December 22, 2003
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Stands for hardey-har-har, a newer and more creative alternative for the more commonly used internet abbreviation lol. Rigorous academic studies have concluded that users of hhh are 10.5 times more hip and 'with it' than users of the archaic lol. Although the exact origin of hhh is unknown, most scholars tend to agree that it originated somewhere along the United State's east coast. Hhh appears to be on the cusp of taking the world by storm, with no apparent signs of slow down.
Rock: Hey brah, did i tell you about my dream last night?

Lolita: No, I believe you haven't. But i am just dying to
hear about it.

Rock: Oh. Well I dreamt I was a muffler.

Lolita: You don't say?

Rock: Yeah, and when I woke up, I was exhausted!

Lolita: hhh.
by boulder July 01, 2007
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