To have contempt for or show disrespect for something that someone holds sacred or holy. To violate the sacredness of something. To defile something holy.
Do not desecrate the children's graves. To desecrate the ancient Native American's cave drawings should be harshly punished.
by strand November 19, 2013
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To profane, divert from sacred purpose.
The desecration of the depiction of the top religious leader.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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The name of the best fucking local band in Burbank, California. Expect big things from them.
Desecrate kicks ass, did you get to hear 'X-Machine' off of their CD?
by Bitchin Kitchen December 14, 2003
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When you shit all over a public toilet seat thereby rendering the toilet useless and unbearable until it can be restored to a sanitary condition by a janitor who makes substantially more than minimum wage.
Hugo ate some undercooked poultry and left a desecrated toilet at the mall. They closed the west bathrooms for 3 hours while 5 janitors wearing X-Files suits with pressure washers full of phosphoric acid went to work to restore the bowl to its former glory. Hugo laughed. Then he shit his pants.
by french fries and gravy July 31, 2006
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A physical activity in which a female's genitalia is obliterated by a male penis.

See Also: genitally desecrating.
Woman: Where'd my vagina go?
Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am. It appears you are suffering from genital desecration.
by The Tig June 5, 2007
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To defecate or vomit so violently (such as when one has explosive diarrhea) that the entire bowl and even the underside of the toilet seat is bespeckled or coated with the expelled material. This action renders even the flushed commode unfit for use until janitorial services are rendered.
A: I wouldn't go in there. That old potato salad made me so sick!

B: Oh man, you didn't desecrate the throne did you?

A: Let's just say I'd find another stall if I were you.
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The new and improved term for the southern baptist convention; adopted pursuant to the scandalous, irreverant, systemic and criminal mis-management of sexually abusive clergy.
Hey, how about those catholic kid fuckers? They should be burned for that shit!
Better be careful about throwing stones; the southern baptist desecration comes pretty close.
by YAWA May 23, 2022
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