To get absolutely, near-fatally, hilariously fucked up. See: annihilated
I was so obliterated last night, I woke up with a transsexual Thai stripper.
by Devon Knoll October 17, 2003
being high beyond realization of how fucking high you are.
Person 1: Bro... this is some bomb
Person 2: I know dude, im obliterated
Person 1: Me too
by this nigga right here April 9, 2009
Complete and utter destruction. To remove all trace of. Second only to annihilation in terms of damage done.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker disovered that Alderann had been obliterated by the Death Star.
by tt February 19, 2003
Person 1: “Dude, my mom is so annoying..”
Person 2: “Obliterate her ass.”
Person 1: “What?”
Person 2: “Kill her..”
by TodoDekuIsGay October 27, 2019
to erase completely from your memory
His goal was to obliterate the memories
by skylarskank July 11, 2008
A state of nonexistance, immediately after a state of existence.
Bro 1: Dood I obliterated that dime’s puss last night.

Bro 2: Is she okay?

Bro 1: No the funeral is tomorrow.
by Oily bastard August 9, 2018
A word used to describe one who is so obliterated that he/she is oblivious to all surroundings and belligerant to anyone that comes within their self-destructive path.
Snailer was so wasted on Friday night that he was becoming obliterant - Dan
by Snailer October 19, 2006