above comparison
Carlton, where did you get that argyle pull-over, it is top drawer.
by Geoff June 4, 2003
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1. the uppermost drawer in a cabinet
2. the highest classification of something cool that happened during a athletic event.
That gainer mctwist was top drawer
by brett the jew shark September 3, 2011
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Defecating in the upper part of a toilet so as to make the water incessantly brown.
Kaalberg was really pissing me off, so when he wasn't looking I went top drawer. For a week that idiot couldn't figure out why there was always deuce in the toilet water
by Brooks June 4, 2003
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To describe a woman of the highest quality.

Typically used as an observation made by one male to another.
"Katie Melua is top drawer"
"Phwoar, Emma Watson is straight from the top drawer"
"Damn girl, Taylor Swift IS top drawer"
by batterseaparkpalace March 27, 2014
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A sex act in which the man just before climax, removes his penis from the vagina. He then proceeds to run to the female's panty drawer to open it, and ejaculate inside.
Brian is such a jerk, he tripped and fell on his way to give me a top drawer deposit.
by Meatman January 16, 2006
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she's the life of every party; She carries herself with the utmost class and respect but knows how to have a good time and boogie ; )
electric em is such a top drawer party girl!
by electric em October 21, 2008
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