same thing as taint, gooch, etc.

it's the patch of skin between the balls and asshole. girls have one as well but it's not as funny.
it was so hot out my underwear was soaking up all the sweat from my underside.
by Feve July 24, 2011
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the russian underside is when your lady gets on top of you upside down and backwards and masturbates you with a 400 pound salmon while you masturbate her with a snow fox.
"Natascha, I think we need to spice up our love life"
"Boris, if you go to the fish store and get some salmon, we can do the Russian Underside and things will be so much hotter!"
by milkmaid604 May 25, 2007
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To undertake action that is considered risky and taboo
A man returned from a drunken and chemically facilitated night out on the wrong side of the tracks. Another man, upon seeing our hero's return, quipped: "he's been scratching the underside".
by Bakelite April 29, 2012
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A sexual act in which a male picks a female up, shoves them into a ceiling fan, and proceeds to fuck them, wether if they are dead or not.
I just did The French Underside Childmaker to your mom!
by SirSnyder February 2, 2020
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Someone who has zero doubt who they'll vote for, and says "Well, gosh, I can't really decide at this point."
Skewing the polls, giving the country a false image of its future, she characterized herself as an undersided voter.
by Monkey's Dad August 24, 2020
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