The resolution is a non-jurisdictional paradox because nothing can be substantially increased.
by Phil Kerpen's Pubic Hair April 9, 2005
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increasing a part of the armed forces by 20%
The United States federal government should substantially increase the number of persons in the coast guard
by blachman-biatch August 10, 2006
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More than expected, surpasses expectations
How was that movie last night?

It was pretty substantial!
by S_C_A_B July 20, 2017
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To prove right because of proper evidence.
Sex is present in modern day society; TV substantiates my opinion.
by Adrian Ammsso November 30, 2004
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To make a word more based. It's like winning an argument by citing a link which proves you're so cool. To substantiate is to make something more authentic.
This story is substantiated by the official manuscripts of the government
by ZokiPattar February 10, 2022
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MC from Baltimore, Maryland. His real name is Stan B. Robinson. He has gained popularity in Tokyo, Japan because of his collaboration with Nujabes and Hyde Out productions. He is in my opinion, the real definition of an emcee. Recently, he has collaborated with Marcus D and toured around the world performing.
Person 1: Hey dude, have you heard that new Substantial song?
Person 2: Yeah! Day in the life produced by Marcus D? That song is the shit!
by #Faded. August 5, 2009
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