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Someone who gets horrible things said about them on Urban Dictionary under all sorts of different names, and is quite tired of it and entirely heartbroken.
Darcy just wants it all to just stop already.
by ๐Ÿ’Œ July 26, 2018
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Down right beautiful inside and out! She is different from other girls. She has her own style and personality that'll make people fall in love with her. She is never mean unless they're mean to her or someone she truly cares about. Super hilarious and her laugh is contagious, making everyone laugh along. When her friends don't have her around, they're just bored without her. Many guys love her, and many girls will be jealous of this, maybe some guys might be jealous because they like her while alot of other guys do too. She doesn't crush on people easily, but if she crushes on "you", then you're lucky, because it's hard for her to choose Mr. Right. Overall, she is the most amazing girl you'd meet.
We need Darcy, it's so boring without her!
by WikiNames November 01, 2012
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The human drug...awesome, lovable, great, fun, crazy, wild, randomly different, and peaceful.
She is a Darcy, well my Darcy.
by lovablechick April 14, 2008
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A center of attention he loves being seen, but is misunderstood but once you get to know the real him he will be hard to let go, I party animal at best he will good to school or work every day with a smile on his face, always has something on his mind weather it be good or bad, He loves flirting with girls and wants to get to know them more works great in pairs and will always try and lead the team even if he is not sure what he is doing, He is a bit of a nerd but is also a hard working person who will always be the first to do something if it means getting out side, He is the nicest guy you will even meet if you ever find a Darcy do not let him go.....imbrace him with open arms and never try and hurt this guy he has a sad past that he wants to forget.
Oh a met this guy he is so great
Ah so you must have found a Darcy then...I wonder if he is single?
by Zangtar king of the moon January 18, 2011
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generally she is a hot girl although can vary. addictive personality she is wild and good to talk to, always cheerful and fun to be around and never peaceful until asleep. generally a very athletic and successful person that is modest about her achievements
Did you see what Darcy did at that party, yeah that was wild such a Darcy thing to do
by leomessi10 December 23, 2011
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A sexy girl with an equally sexy imagination. A personal hug drug. Someone who can make you feel better.
by Bella_Wheatley June 29, 2014
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The sexiest, coolest, funniest, most awesome kid alive.

Martial arts master.
I love Darcy!

Darcy took on the entire bar last night and was the only one left alive at the end.
by talkhard818 November 05, 2008
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