Something which is not good, distinctly not second or third rate even, but tenth rate. Originated, as far as i can tell, in vietnam where the phrase, you're number ten gi joe might've been popular. popularized in the movie indiana jones by that kid.
you not number one, you number ten doctah jones
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
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A Jewish person.
For someone who knows how to count to ten in Japanese.
Lots of number ten people live in Williamsburg.
by Biggus August 29, 2006
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Client Number Ten refers specifically to the unknown dope who rented Ashley Dupre right after Eliot Spitzer governated her in the name of the Great State of New York. In more common parlance, the term has come to refer to anyone getting another's sloppy seconds.
-Dude, I heard Henry's been hooking up with Valerie. I thought Tom was banging her.

--Dude, Henry cleans everyone's plate. Even his family calls him Client Number Ten.

-Shameless, that man.

by Teve Torbes March 20, 2008
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the result of an overly tall thin person dating a large round person, appearing like the number 10 when side by side.
"Saw Bob and Jessica walking down the street today - god are they a number ten relationship..."
by Mrs. J.Black September 7, 2009
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