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Decimal is the most common base number system(10). The mainly used family of bases are: Hexidecimal,Decimal,Noninary,Octinary,Pentinary,Trinary,and Binary.
Hexidecimal: 190F151315030C
Decimal: 25152119210312
Noninary: 27162321230313
Octinary: 31172523270315
Pentinary: 100030041034041003022
Trinary: 221120210200021010110
Binary: 011001001111010101010011010101000011001100
Alphabet: YOUSUCK
by Xenoglyph November 05, 2003
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Money or the equivalent of. Representing funds.
Used in metaphoric terms by rapper Nas. "And I'm shrewd about decimals". On your P's and Q's when it comes to making money.
by Aint nuttin' December 07, 2010
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