Large fish in the simpsons.

They say he's five hundred pounds of
bottom-dwelling fury, don't you know. No one knows how old he is, but
if you ask me (and most people do), he's hundred years if he's a day.
"And uh no one's ever caught him?"

"Well, one fella came close. Went by the name of Homer. Seven feet tall he was, with arms like tree trunks. His eyes were like steel, cold, hard. Had a shock of hair, red like the fires of Hell."
by LEM Chino April 10, 2005
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Sex Act, where your fucking a girl in the ass about an hour after dinner. Your fucking her, and your fucking her in the ass. When all the sudden you pull your dick out of her ass, reach around her from behind and give her a quick bear hug around her stomach. This causes shit to rocket out of her ass much like a shell getting fired from a tank barrel. Hence, the General Sherman.
I gave this hoe the General Sherman last night and she sprayed shit all over the room. I've never seen anything like it.
by Dirt Doggy Dogg February 13, 2011
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Deviant Sexual Manoeuvre #48

This works best when your girlfriend refuses to have sex with you due your sexually transmitted disease.

Tell your girlfriend you understand what she wants and plan an encounter in two weeks. Until that day do not wipe your bum after bowel movements, thereby creating a thick crust of dingleberries and residue in and around your crack.
On the night of the date, turn the heating way up, to around 100 degrees.

When she comes over engage her making sure you are on top. At this point the sweat which will inevitably accumulate will pick up the residue on your butt and seap down into her vagina and anus, flowing down from the north inflaming everything in its path.
"Yeah I gave her the old 'General Sherman'
by SM Grad Booyah! March 1, 2005
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The long, tall, relatively giant, male sex organ with a length proper for dime piece and 5 star trick. Many lesser ho will experience ejaculation to merely a branch of the Giant General Sherman Sequoia.
"I've got a Giant General Sherman Sequoia, myself, it's a mouthful."
by kariusvega November 1, 2011
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Hero of the US Civil War. Best known for his march through Georgia, where he gave the rebel south exactly what it fucking deserved.
Have you heard the song "Marching Through Georgia"? It commemorates the brave hero General William T. Sherman.
by GAWII February 13, 2009
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United States nineteenth century general most well-known for his leadership of the Federal "Western" army in 1864-1865 during the American Civil War. He also fought against Indians in the American West after the war.

General Sherman is the originator of the modern concept of "total war." In moving through Georgia and then into the Carolinas, Sherman devised a strategy of deliberately targeting civilians for attack. He also targeted the homes and personal property of the civilians of the South who posed no military threat to Union forces. Such targeting of civilians for attack had been considered immoral at the time. The goal of such a strategy was purely utilitarian. It did not matter who morally deserved attack on this view, but instead the only question became the total number of lives saved versus lives lost as well as aggregate gains and losses in supplies and property.

During the siege of Atlanta in the summer of 1864, Sherman decided to order the bombardment of distinctly civilian areas of Atlanta with the express purpose of terrorizing the civilian population into pressuring the Confederate military and political leadership to surrender. Civilians, including slaves, were killed as intended by General Sherman and his subordinates. Confederate General John Bell Hood protested the targeted killings of non-combatants as uncivilized and inhuman. Sherman ignored the appeals by Hood to target only Confederate military positions and personnel. His infamous comment in response to such appeals was "War is Hell."

After the fall of Atlanta to Federal forces in early September 1864, the city was occupied for two months. General Sherman ordered the civilian population evacuated by force. After the evacuation of the city by civilians, General Sherman ordered the city to be burned to the ground. The civilians who were forced to leave Atlanta had to live in the woods for months with no provisions or shelter. He then proceeded through Georgia on his way to Savannah burning and destroying towns, farms, and plantations. His men looted the private property and destroyed civilians' homes leaving them destitute and without provision. After the capture of Savannah, which he spared, he continued into South Carolina where his tactics of "total war" accelerated in their savage ruthlessness culminating in the Federal army burning Columbia, South Carolina to the ground.

Such vicious tactics established the mind-set and military precedent for using civilians as pawns in a military conflict. Such tactics had previously been deemed morally unacceptable. The deliberate targeting of civilians for attack was taken up in World War II ending in the deaths of millions. The bombing of European cities by both sides of the war and Japanese cities by the U.S. as well as attacks on civilians in China, the Philippines, and Korea by Japan were consistent with and encouraged by Sherman's precedent. The logic of saving lives in the long-run by these tactics seems to have been refuted by history.

Modern terrorism also follows the same basic strategy of targeting helpless non-combatants for attack in order to terrorize the remaining citizens into capitulation.

The contemporary American practice of only targeting military personnel for deliberate attack reverses the policy of the American government instituted by General Sherman in Atlanta in 1864. The policy of killing sufficient numbers of civilians and destroying their homes to force surrender has been recognized as the mark of only the most barbarous kind of terrorist, such as those who perpetrated the September 11 attacks.
General William T. Sherman meeting Yasser Arafat in Hell: "Good job killing those innocent people...You got what you wanted from the killings...I did the same in Atlanta in 1864."
by Tex in Tex February 3, 2008
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