My dad liked crack too much. He's dead now.
"I don't want to end up like my dead dad."
"stfu willow no one cares about your dead dad"
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A term used to excuse inappropriate behavior that would otherwise be punished or to receive goods or services for free following the death of one's mother or father.
"You can't go outside and smoke up instead of helping with the cleaning."
"Lay off him, dude. He's using his dead dad coupon."

"Hey, Jim, could you please pay for my dinner bill for me."
"Yeah, Jim, you almost have to. He's redeeming his dead dad coupon."
by xteri December 28, 2010
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Fathered children for the money. Picks a hard working female who has a super woman attitude who is working out who she is. Attaches himself to her because she looks like a free ride. Can't hold down a job. Doesn't help with the night feeds or nappy changes. Tries to take custody of the offspring once super women breaks under the pressure. Only wants custody for the. Welfare benefits and baby bonus. The dead beat dad spends 7 days a week at the pub. The dead beat dad likely lives with his mother.
No dead beat dad didn't take the kids this weekend. Yes dead beat dad is still going for custody. No dead beat dad still isn't working.
by District 13 June 13, 2015
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a loser father who is almost never around, flaky, and breaks promises, usually made to his kids.
dad: hey, jimmy :) how would you like a tree house in the yard for your next birthday? i promise i'll build it for you. it'll be loads of fun!
lil jimmy: oh boy! i would love that! ur the bestest. b-day: dad doesn't even show up cuz he's busy with his hooker friend...
lil jimmy: MOMMY! Daddy didn't come! WHY? *sniff*
mom: of course not. he's a dead beat dad.
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
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A man who does not pay child support and/or maintain regular contact with his children. Or a bum who, though still sleeping with the mother, does nothing to contribute to the household either financially or by taking care of the home/children. Often an abusive man or an addict. Always lazy and self absorbed.
My mother had to garnish my dead beat dad's paycheck, but we still never hear from him.
by jessimonster April 23, 2008
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Someone who does not pay child support, hasn't had a steady paycheck in at least a year, has a hooker of a girlfriend who has slept with at least two of his best friends, still lives with mommy and daddy and parties with people way too young for him because he doesn't know what priorities or responsibilities of a father should be.
"Wow, people really are oblivious to the difference between a playmate and a responsible father, huh?"

"Yeah, they don't see he is such a dead beat dad!"

See also buddy, playmate.

Antonyms- the gorgeous single guy across from your office, who is financial stable, has a successful job and wants to take you AND your daughter out.
by JONNYBEGOOD7583 June 26, 2010
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has a child - doesn't visit the child, doesn't pay any child support, yet makes a million unkept promises.
a dead beat dad is the guy who works security at a trashy strip club, leaves his too classy highly paid intelligent loving wife and young child for the fugly red head stripper who overdosed on the collagen, then doesn't bother to see his daughter and quits his job soon after to live off the stripper so he doesn't have to pay child support.
by sla2tru January 29, 2011
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