Having or maintaining a collection of sexual partners.
He had a stable of women. collection numerous several group
by writer181 March 01, 2015
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Noun: a building where animals, especially horses, are housed.

Adjective: relatively permanent or unchanging, firmly fixed or established; unlikely to be unbalanced, changed, destroyed or altered. Consistent, dependable, and moderate.
The stable rang with the sounds of a young mare in labor; the yelps of the other horses brought the farmer running. He and his wife remained calm and stable as they helped the mare give birth to her first foal, a beautiful chestnut filly.
by Lorelili July 28, 2011
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Not rich, not poor. A group of people or,one strong person. Stability in life or decision making. To stand strong,or not be moveable.
I'm not rich or poor I'm STABLE.
The STABLE of people went into the club.
When a fight broke out the man stayed STABLE and won!

by No Fear June 27, 2006
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A dating strategy involving more than two men. This strategy includes one individual who has stud privelege called the stallion. The other members do not have these same priveleges. The stallion can be promoted, demoted or remoted.
There are too many men in my stable.

I just demoted the stallion.
by Dutchbroker July 10, 2008
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n. a gathering place for Mustangs.
n. a party with a lot of Mustangs and a few honored plus ones.
v. to get a bunch of Mustangs together in one place.
n. Megan's house in Saratoga
"Did you guys see what happened at the last stable on the episode that was on last night?!?"

"Shits crazy man, those Mustangs are insane"
by Bartdog October 23, 2011
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What Windoze isn't. What UNIX based systems are.
M$ slave: "Ugh, my fucking windows PC fucking crashed again!"
Cool guy 1: "Get Linux, then. It never crashes."
Cool guy 2: "Or get Macs, they look and function hella better than dumbass PCs"
by The Dork Cheese December 13, 2004
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