A playboy playmate.
Meaning a playboy bunny. (A sexy girl of Playboy)
Here's Hugh Hefner and his lovely playmates.
by Bastian December 26, 2003
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a friend with hidden benefits. someone with whom you are publicly friends with and have private sexual relations with. can also be public but usually is not. not a "fuck buddy".
Gina: I don't get it. They don't go out, but there are rumors that they mess around even though they're supposed to be "just friends"
Diane: That's what you call being playmates
by ChibiFox17 March 31, 2010
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14 year old girls who sneak out to parties and only take about two cruisers yet thats still enough to get them wasted and having them put out to anyone capable of getting a hard on down at the back fence
Jason: Got a root last night
Greg: Me too, I banged a playmate
Jason: Yea, they are fucking easy as, and all they need is one drink to get them messed up
Greg: Yea but they are still a shit root!
by jdelbw December 17, 2009
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no biggie,it a whore who gets paid and laid for money
HEY she is a playmate how lucky she is ,FUCK it she is just a whore who gets money for removing cloths publicly and can even sleep with you if you are millionaire
by THEHASSANSHER March 14, 2016
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Having another person (preferably a kid) playing side by side with another.
Mom: "It's about time my son has found a playmate."
by RFruit November 1, 2006
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A chick hotter than you (if you're a chick)or your girlfriend (if you're a dude)

Measurements around 34-24-34 and with a pretty face.
Lisa Dergen is one sexy ass playmate.
by Hartcore November 21, 2004
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The phenomenon that states that all Playboy centerfolds are republican. As much as they hate each other, they are all the same in that respect, regardless of looks or talent.
The Playmate Republican thought Clarence Thomas was a good choice for the supreme court...
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