When a person uses the easiest or cheapest selection in a game. Or when they talk a lot of shit
wow this guy using the noob tube is a fuckin lil jimmy
by dirbikejon March 17, 2017
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Lil Jimmy is a orange yellowish egg with freckles, dont be fooled by lil jimmy because lil jimmy is always sad. Lil Jimmy had a girlfriend one time but she dumped him 5 times which broke lil Jimmy's heart.

Poor lil jimmy.
by Name345 March 31, 2018
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Sometimes what a male refers to his penis as.
Bro 1- Broooooooo youre totally hung
Bro 2- Yeah, that's lil Jimmy for ya
Bro 1- Nah bro that's big Jimmy
by CinderPissed February 10, 2019
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