heraing about Meghan Felthager with a dick.
Damn dude. That Meghan Felthager is the death now because I just heard she's some type of man.
by the life wrecker February 19, 2004
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a combination of Jason,Michael Myers, Freddy Crougar that forms into the sum of all fears. creation of Meaghan king
"Meaghan King is so death because she killed me, i swear."
"She stole my soul"referring to Meghan king
by EVERYONE July 22, 2003
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1. A horrible disease that's almost as bad a pregnancy. Symptoms include not living anymore, your body decaying, all of your money and possessions being given to relatives you may or may not know, and your body being put underground forever or being set on fire.

2. Like sleep, only more permanent.

3. Sleep's cousin.
1. Joe got hit by a bus and caught death.

2. Mom: O, Jimmy, grandma isn;t sleeping, she's dead!
Jimmy: Nooooooo!

3. Sleep: Hi, Death!
Death: Yo wusup?
Sleep: Want to come over? I have some Tim Burton movies u might like.
Death: SWEET! K I'll b ther in an hour.
Sleep: K.
by the pwn3r March 3, 2007
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One of the many thing that could happen to you at IKEA
You could die at IKEA
by Triple J May 2, 2005
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the sweet release from this painful and utterly pointless life
She can't wait for death to release her from this painful and utterly pointless life.
by everything's been used February 21, 2018
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