The only phrase that was given to Jon Snow in the eighth season of Game of Thrones TV Show. Best spoken in a British accent like "I donn wont ot"
Me: Hey Jon, suck my dick.
Jon: I don't want it
by Xxxdepy June 3, 2019
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A preamble, often used, which precedes something that the speaker cannot resist the urge to say (for a variety of reasons including loose mouth).
It is also either or both of the following:
Extremely critical of the person being spoken to, Revealing the true nature of the person speaking.
"I don't want to say this, but you're a heartless bastard who is too eager to get into fights"
by verbusaccidentibus February 7, 2010
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A term first used by Jackie Chan. It is often used by Asians--particularly Chinese--when in danger...or trouble.
Though, the expression often leads to a worse beat-down.
Pronounced like so: "I don't wont no trobble."
"What's up, my nigger?"
"What did you just say?"
"What's up, my nigger?"
"Come here! You better watch your mouth!"
"-What you say, boy?"
"I don't want no trouble."
-Rush Hour
by CalvinL September 28, 2006
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Fuck you I don't want no ravioli. Uhh I don't want it. (It's a vine of a little kid saying I don't want no ravioli)
by A5 SNK January 14, 2015
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Mom: This place is a mess you should clean it.

Me: I don't want to clean, but I will! *insert "I Lied!" meme here*
by i<3Kopitar December 30, 2011
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IDK how to help you. maybe try eating 2 meals a day and/or smaller meals. Try laying in you bed with several big and heavy books on your stomach. Jumping on a trampoline, swimming, running etc.
(Thinking to my self) I don't want to be fat. Maybe I should try the tips above ^

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