Tall cute dude who is smart has nice eyes smart has a big dick and cool and a good boyfriend and fuckable guy
I going fuck Darien tonight
by darien April 22, 2017
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Darien, a town in which every single kid in farfield county wishes they lived in. A town in which every single girl and guy is unbelievably hot. Boys sport vineyard vines and old beat up shoes unlike any other boys. Most of the girls wardrobes will cost more than your life. All darien fathers commute to the city to work on wall street while the mothers stay home playing tennis, sporting lulu lemon, and drinking mimosas. Whilst the mothers are doing such activities, their immigrant "nannies"/slaves are busy picking up children from lax practice, WeeBurn, or 101. The weekends consist of house parties of which last only half an hour until someone calls a tip line. If you ever are to walk upon one of these parties, you are bound to see bagged wine, juuls, and many cans of natty lite (even though they could afford any other type of beer). The second these children turn 16, they're gifted either a Range Rover, or a jeep. Darien may seem like a ghost town for all of the month of august, however, take a quick ferry ride over to Nantucket, and you'll find them sitting on Nobadeer beach tailgating in their soft top jeeps. The kids who are not lucky enough to attend DHS are shipped off to Westminster or Deerfield to do coke and rip O-pens all night. Although Norwalk is basically the ghetto to them, you can still find them crawling around 101. All in all, if you would like to live lavishly with 4 boats, a vacation home, and a Range Rover, find you a darien sugar daddy.
Yo Walker, you have 3 boats? You must be from Darien
by Farfield county August 18, 2017
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Normally a big black man but on occasion Dariens are some of the most beastly white men around.Usually arent bad looking and carry themselves very well. Can be moody but if you catch em on the right day they're chill as hell but if its not one of those days, watch out
You know Darien right?
Nah what is he black?
Haha nah hes a big ass white boy
by Swagggga February 22, 2009
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A modest New York City suburb with a great atmosphere for raising a healthy, middle class family. Moderately priced houses and a lower cost of living make it an attractive alternative to more extravagent Connecicut suburbs such as Greenwich and New Canaan.
I was able to start saving for my retirement and my kid's education by chosing to live in Darien instead of New Canaan Greenwich. My wife doesn't feel uncomfortable driving a used car, and we could actually afford to get into the country club without selling my kidneys.
by D McDougal July 27, 2005
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First of all Darieners do NOT have more money than New Caanan or Greewnwich at all. In fact the houses in Darien have no land , houses in wealthier towns like Wilton or New Caanan houses sell for more(a lot more). So the only good thing about Darien is its lower cost of living compared to other fairfield county towns. And by the way everyone has nice summer homes in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, and the Hamptons around here! It's also wrong to say everyone in Darien is rich. Just look at the houses, they're 10 feet apart. Sure there are some big houses but not quite as many as the wealthier towns like Greenwich, Wilton, and New Caanan. Darien is also not as good at lax as they claim to be. Last year the Wilton girls team beat them in the FCIAC finals! And the blue wave should be prepared to get beat again because there are soo many amazing athletes in the incoming freshmen class. Darien is a poor attempt to copy the lavish lifestyles of towns like Westport, Wlton, and New Caanan. Also The Stepford Wives was filmed in New Caanan and based on New Caanan not Darien. I should know it was filmed in my neighborhood.
The Darieners decided to go on a shopping spree in Wilton and New Caanan, but went home crying because the prices were too high. Later in the day the went to their normal shopping destination; Target.
by New Caanan Rox!!! August 24, 2006
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A town located in Southern Connecticut, bordered between Stamford & Norwalk. Public school townies try to look like what they believe elite prep school students look like. But instead of classic, conservative and traditional clothing in navy blue, red, etc...., many of Darien's residents wear pink and green thinking this color combination is somehow preppy and not Palm Beach if worn in the Northeast. Most true "preppies" call and consider these wannabe preppy Darien residents "townies" and make fun of them for trying to pretend to be from old families or from any sort of prepatory related culture (most residents are second generation Italians and Irish, and not fourth generation WASPs). Darien residents trying to be preppy are much like ghetto head-to-toe Louis Vuitton clad urbanites: too much and trying to hard.
Just as rap stars wear to many designer logos, the residents of Darien wear pink and green in an attempt to be preppy.
by Tiff Matheiuson June 14, 2007
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