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An upper-class town or suburb populated by materialistic people; the men are souless strivers and the women who are automatons.

The fictional town of Stepford, Connecticut actually is Darien, Connecticut, so-called by Ira Levin in his novel "The Stepford Wives" as it is near Stamford, Connecticut, thus: a "Step" from Stam-"ford." Darien is the home of many rich executives and professionals who commute to New York City.

"'Stepford' is the fictional upper-class Connecticut town inhabited by men with animatronic spouses in Ira Levin's slyly satirical 'The Stepford Wives.'"
by Twathenge April 14, 2006
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Someone who seems perfect such as the ideal employee.
My job is all kinds of quiet. Nothin but stepford fools workin there.
by DataLoft September 19, 2005
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Someone with traditional western religious beliefs, in a professional environment who considers family life to be frozen somewhere in the 1950's. Modern trends only just touch them with- with the man set at the head of the family and the wife idolized but stay at home. Gay marriage, civil partnerships, fake tans, metrosexuals, piercing, any tv program with sex involved- are foreign concepts. They tried hard to find each other, group and then sit in moral judgement over anyone else who doesn't conform to their particular view of the world. In the air you can almost hear " honey I'm home".
That old lady was tutting when I bought this...i think she was a Stepford.
Its just like the Masons here, with one Stepford promoting another.
by Kohonen June 16, 2015
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see: stepford wife it comes from a movie, The Stepford Wives, and is usually used in reference to politicians' wifes.

Some will say H. Clinton, others will say L. Bush
I doubt any would say it for Kerry's wife.
His wife just sits there while he spits shizzy.
by JRW January 24, 2005
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someone who has no personality is a zombie robot and repeats words and phrases that seem tocome from some other matrix master mouth. A robot, a fake person somene without emotions. perspective or reality that people bleed are emotional and are not robots.
my family repeatedly repeats the words of my father and mother and are seem to stamped out of cookie cutter controlling abusive and pathologically unable to control their lies.. are straight out of stepford not beings stalked by a stepford sister who have no perspective at all. after years of being ignored they have turn me into t hem and think its ok to kill.. murder is ok in stepford.
by awhole magnet May 24, 2020
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