A completely stunning and drop dead gorgeous boy. Walker is the nicest and most trustworthy boy someone could meet. He is a pure gentleman. He knows exactly what to say. Walker is a boy that you look forward to merely seeing everyday, and on days you can not see him, you spend majority of the day thinking about him. Walker is almost a disease, because he destroys Your mental health with his meltingly beautiful eyes. He will constantly be in your thoughts, even if its not directly, hes always sitting in the back of your mind.
Have you met Walker?
No, why?
I think he is the literal epitome of perfection.
by ajsgy September 19, 2014
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Walker, he is the perfect guy! With his brown hair and dark eyes how could you not secretly have a crush on him. He is super athletic, sweet, caring, and gorgeous. He’s just perfect and every other guy want to be like him.
Omg have you how gorgeous walker is?
by Ilowkeylovewalker September 27, 2018
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The unique name for a zombie from The Walking Dead universe of comics, video games and tv series'.
Glenn-"There's Walkers in the barn"
Rick-Suprised Look
by The Maximalist June 9, 2012
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An adorable guy. He acts like a total player but when you really get to know him and lucky enough that he likes you he will show his romantic side. He is a tease and seductive as hell but when the situation is serious he becomes emotional, sensitive, caring, and sweet. His eyes are the most beautiful thing you'll ever see. But his dimples are the best. His smile could brighten any persons day. He has dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and is averagely tall. When he looks at you with those gorgeous eyes its the best thing that will ever happen to you. He can make any girl feel alive, special, and absolutely beautiful. I know he made me feel amazing.
Girl 1:Did you see that guy over there?
Girl 2: Yeah girl he's a Walker. :)
by QT !! :) July 31, 2015
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Walker, the smartest most perfect person in the world. A walker is perfect for life and he is not a zombie
he's a walker he's perfect.
by fysvio[jkhk October 24, 2018
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He is the sweetest and kindest guy you'll ever meet. He loves to talk and is super outgoing. All the teachers favour him because of his sense humour and he’s personality. Looks tough but is actually so soft inside. He loves giving hugs and he is probably the best hugger. Many many girls have a crush on him and not because of his looks because sometimes Walkers can be ugly, but instead they go for his personality. You are one lucky girl if you date him.
by We love that February 8, 2019
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Walker is very hot and sexy,
he is shy and innocent but when you get to know him hes lots of funn ♥ *if you know what i mean.
I'm in love with this boy =)
and hope he loves me to.
by ilovewalker September 20, 2008
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