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Walker is everything a girl could hope for. He's smart, he's athletic, he's sweet and gentle, he's caring, he has an amazing family and he could be a model with those dark melting eyes and thick brown hair. But he seems to be very confused about life. He's moody, he's emotional, he gets mad, he likes to argue, and he pushes people away. But I just want him to know that I would be the luckiest girl in the world if he ever liked me again.
The essence of a Greek god. Takes your breath away. Hands down: the cutest, heart warming laugh I've ever heard. He's a charmer, that Walker
by Kaitlyn Christina Burke July 23, 2010
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A completely stunning and drop dead gorgeous boy. Walker is the nicest and most trustworthy boy someone could meet. He is a pure gentleman. He knows exactly what to say. Walker is a boy that you look forward to merely seeing everyday, and on days you can not see him, you spend majority of the day thinking about him. Walker is almost a disease, because he destroys Your mental health with his meltingly beautiful eyes. He will constantly be in your thoughts, even if its not directly, hes always sitting in the back of your mind.
Have you met Walker?
No, why?
I think he is the literal epitome of perfection.
by ajsgy September 18, 2014
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The unique name for a zombie from The Walking Dead universe of comics, video games and tv series'.
Glenn-"There's Walkers in the barn"
Rick-Suprised Look
by The Maximalist June 09, 2012
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A name given to fans of norwegian untalented and overrated artist alan walker. Alan Walker calls his fans "Walkers". In 2015, alan walker released a song named "Faded" , which is a recycled version of "Fade". Faded became a hit in short time and alan walker gained tons of new fans. Then, the walkers were formed.

According to walkers, alan walker is the best dj in the world. That's because most of them have never listened and experienced real electronic music which is better than alan walker's generic pop trash. Walkers are perfect example of hypocrisy. Walkers are desperate to suck alan walker's cock because alan walker became very famous. Actually, most of his fans are just normies and sheeps who only listen to mainstream trash, and consider famous songs are only the best. They don't even know difference between Fade and Faded.
Dumbass: "Walkers join!! alan walker is the best dj like if you agree"
by StormContractorRC2 October 19, 2018
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Walker, he is the perfect guy! With his brown hair and dark eyes how could you not secretly have a crush on him. He is super athletic, sweet, caring, and gorgeous. He’s just perfect and every other guy want to be like him.
Omg have you how gorgeous walker is?
via giphy
by Ilowkeylovewalker September 27, 2018
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a term used to refer to zombies by those living in a zombie infested world.
While Johnny looted the adult bookstore, Two walkers bit his ankle.
by CooCooCoo January 26, 2006
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Walker is very hot and sexy,
he is shy and innocent but when you get to know him hes lots of funn β™₯ *if you know what i mean.
I'm in love with this boy =)
and hope he loves me to.
by ilovewalker September 19, 2008
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