A store popular amongst teen girls. Well known for their “One Size Fits Small” policy. If you fit into their clothes and have a generally “trendy” or “basic” style you’ll love it. Generally affordable for teenagers. They lack in diversity but are still one of the top stores for teen girls
Person 1: “Omg i love your skirt where did you get it?!?”

Person 2: “Thank you! it’s from brandy melville!”
by whore4dior December 27, 2019
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A shop where girls who think are "hipster", and or, "grunge" shop at where everything is overpriced and insanely cheap/thin fabric. The only reason this shop is probably in buisness is because Kylie Jenner marketed the shit out of it on instagram, and rich white wannabes become their number one customers.
*white girl #1* "Ehmahgawd, that shirt is so on point where'd you get it?!".
*white girl #2* "I totally got it from brandy melville, Kylie has the same one so I bought four!".
by Hans solo March 15, 2014
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That store that a lot of teen girls shop at. Lacks diversity, basically, only white girls shop there. Known for the body-shaming "One size fits all" which is actually "One size fits small" everything is also cropped, thin and overpriced
That shirt looks really cropped, she must've gotten it from Brandy Melville.
by thestupidsoul January 5, 2021
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A store where only rich girls shop it. It sells crop tops, thin sweaters, and everything there is pretty much cheap quality clothes that are way too expensive. People only know brandy melville because of Kylie Jenner and Pia Mia.
Wow that top is so cropped, maybe she bought it at Brandy Melville
by Common Asian Girl September 19, 2013
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A snake in glossier lip gloss and doc Martins.
Wouldn't you just love it if her ugliness from the inside showed on the outside?
I walked into brandy Melville just looking for some cute clothes but instead I got a brandy Melville employee hissing at me and looking up and down my body wanting to bite me then posion me with her snake poissons.
by Vfbnh tfcsxecfinkjnhvfce December 7, 2019
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A cheap ass store that dumb and basic white girls go too. When they go to this store they think they are trendy and quirky, but really they are making a fool out of themselves. If you shop at this store your name is either Stephanie, Mia, or Molly.
Mia: lets go now
Molly: ok!
Mia: we are such trendy bad bitches
Molly: i know right 3>
by moo lily March 1, 2020
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