Trendy mufucka with dope ass swag, nobody can copy his style , usually is a genius in school , & raps better than your favorite rapper.. & oh you can also call him "Mr. Steal your girl"
Girl: omg have you met Darien yet?
Other girl: no why?

Girl: because he's fucking amazing
by asians! December 7, 2013
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Has a 10 in dick in teens and a 16 in in adults
Girl:Darien has a huge dick
by Thefakedeal December 11, 2017
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Great guy, An amazing boyfriend. One who you can feel comfortable talking to about anything. One who is willing to change his life (in a better way) for you. The guy who gives you butterflies everytime you see his name. The guy who treats you like you deserve to me treated. The guy who makes you the happiest girl on earth. The guy who loves you for you. The guy who you would want to spend the rest of your life with even after knowing him for just over 4 months. The most amazing guy on this earth <3
I am so in love with Darien. He's my forever.
by babygirl316.kt August 5, 2011
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A town that desperately needs a cell tower, underground power lines, and black people.

Filled with people who can't dance and who's hardest moments are their eating disorders and their golden retriever dying.

Featuring blonde moms, people who don't stop their cars for chipmunks, and kids who call their parents by their first names. In Darien, gay people "don't exist" and neither did the holocaust.

Kids form their friend groups in pre-school and then attend the same college together. If you've ever met a standoffish, depressed rich kid who avoids eye contact with someone they don't know, they are probably from Darien.
Darien is where I grew up! Yeah, i'm a little sheltered, but at least its pretty here.
by golfy July 9, 2021
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A young gifted man that cares for everyone even his enemies. Always have been and always will be straight up and real, instead of fake. Darien's are usually black, pretty good looking and Loves Asian women. They usually contain a wide variety of talents such as beatboxing, singing, instrumental playing and sports like those who play golf. If pissed, stay out of his way, he may look weak and small but don't underestimate him, the day Darien's get pissed thats the day when judgement day comes. Although, They can be real suttle and chill at times. Also they can get a little 'too' happy therefore causing them to say something like "im gonna rape you" yet they don't mean it, around this time their hormones are stricken. In sexual terms they usually have the tendency to carry huge cocks up to 9 inches when in teenages and up to 16'' inches when fully grown male up to adult ages. They can be romantic and are great kissers. Also if married with wife and kids, can be the best father ever. May also have a strong connection with god.
Bill: Hey have you seen Darien lately?
Tom: No?
Bill: well you're missing out he's a great guy.
by James Toffler November 11, 2010
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Original name of the isthmus of Panama. One of the first ships that landed in Panama was named after Saint Daria, and the region was then named Darien. Keats wrote a poem about Balboa crossing the Mountains of Darien to view the Pacific Ocean.
"He stared at the Pacific--and all his men

Looked at each other with a wild surmise

Silent upon a peak in Darien."
by NameScholar February 4, 2010
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Can be a name for a male of female

normaly they are
not too shabby looking
awesome hair
has some evil stowed upon them but when a nice sweet short girl walks up all the evil seems to dissapear and they seem to have a sort of light come out in them
Darien's are normally amazing friends and will be there when you need them and sometimes need a little looking after. they have amazing hair and are alot of fun to talk to and are really funny
by The Amazing Dani June 19, 2008
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