To quit a job in the fashion of Steven Slater the JET BLUE Flight Attendant who quit his job by going on the P.A. system to curse out the passenger who was disrespectful to him and slid down the emergency slide taking a few beers and his own luggage with him.
Worker: " Nancy is going into the office to quit. She just can't take anymore."

Co worker: " Wow, I heard she had totally had it with this job. I wonder if she is going to leave quietly or if she is going to "Go BLUE".
by Intelligentwmn August 11, 2010
Go blue is a feature on the social media communication app snapchat. When both people are in the chat, you hold down the blue button on the bottom right corner and you pop up on the other person's screen! Yes you can both do it at the same time as well!
A feeling that you get when things are going really good, but you're just waiting for things to go bad.
I have the going good blues.
by MusicLover4evr February 8, 2015
When the frustrations of a stressful job get to be too much, you scream obscenities over the PA system, grab a beer from the lunch room refrigerator, deploy the proverbial escape chute, and scurry off to a better life.
Man, if that jackass mentions his precious 'action plan' one more time, I'm going jet blue on his ass!
by tnunnster August 11, 2010
The phenomenon in which a normal conversation turns blue, becoming so riddled with sexual innuendo that it's rendered nearly impossible to steer back in a non-pervy direction. Every innocent comment starts to become a dirty double entendre, until eventually the entire conversation turns into a complete smut-fest from which there is no return.
Girl: Ah, who doesn't love stripper zombies in Portland? That'd go down like Jesus on a velociraptor.

Guy: I have to admit, when I first read 'go down'... I had rather blasphemous thoughts.

~ten minutes later, during which this term is invented~

Girl: Hmm, this Urban Dictionary thing is quite fun. Something for the annals of history.

Guy: Two n's - one 'n' is bad.

Girl: Yeah, I always thought that 'annals' was an odd word.
It really could so very easily be another.

Guy: Terribly easily. So, how is the entry? ...Oh, Jesus!!!!

Girl: Once you go blue, you can't undo.
by The Terror Twins August 3, 2010
Referring to smoking. A state or place of being high.
Tyler: "Hey dude, We're going to Blue Slide Park, wanna come?"
Kaitlyn: "Hell yeah!"
Amanda: "I wanna go! "
Tyler: "Alright, let's burn!"
by TheSlideStaysBlue January 13, 2012