An expensive but life-saving haven where rock-bottom addicts can finally sleep in a bed and eat something other than corn chips. Five percent of these regain their freedom, health, families, homes, jobs, and drivers licence by learning to change. The remaining ninety-five percent of these are just resting-up before their next binge.
Dude, I just got released from jail, evicted from my apartment, fired from my job, had another seizure, and my wife left me. Guess I'll get loaded and go back to rehab.
by Mack C January 23, 2007
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A place where people who are addicted to drugs go to get better and to stop their addiction, which could kill them unless they stop.
Because he hated being addicted to drugs, Steve went to rehab. Now he is all better.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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i went to rehab today to bake Lindsay a cake.
by lindsys manager August 27, 2012
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A fancy hotel suite full of celebrites with ''drug addictions''
A: Oh, I went to the loveliest hotel this weekend. I met Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears

B: Don't you mean rehab?
by DizzyLizzy March 14, 2007
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a place where people go to get of an addicting drug
by Anndy123 June 1, 2006
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an Arabic name that means perfume or bouquet (of flowers)
A girl that lives in Canada, who is pretty awesome. ( : Pronounced (RIH- HAAB) OR (RAY-HAB)
Hi, my name is Rehab. :)

Hahaha, like rehabilitation?

No, you moron. Like really awesome Rehab ... ignorant twit. :)
by flowerchildgoodyshoe2 October 12, 2008
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