A phrase said usually on stan Twitter when coming across something on the timeline or replies that is nasty, cringy, or just outright wrong.

Can also be said when referring to hellish irl situations that you wish you could escape.
*scrolling stan twitter on a normal day*
*sees dick pic, porn, and/or nasty imagines *
Twitter status: WTF I HATE IT HERE
by cinnabellex3 February 7, 2020
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I hate it here. Here as in living.
Me: "Let's hang out this weekend since we couldn't last weekend. :)"
Friend: "wEll we may have found a thing."
Me: "What thing?"
Friend: "a racing sim with vr support BUT I GOTTA TEST IT OUT FIRST."
Me: "I hate it here."
by Asuka Blyat June 27, 2020
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You most likely hate life in general or just the earth or the universe but you hate it somewhere
Me:I hate it here
My friend: where
Me: everywhere
by Thyself_Fallon September 15, 2021
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Used to express disgust, cringe, confusion, or outright bad vibes. Used my mostly short Selena Gomez stans.
(Sees that it’s 8:30 when you were lazy all day) “OMG that’s crazy I hate it here”
by THOOBMOOBS June 16, 2020
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