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295 is a verb used to describe a life ruining event

295 is a rap group from the village of Chippawa inside the Niagara Falls, CA boarder.

295 consists of

DJ Chedda
DJ Anon
Mikey Fade
Cali Dro
Burny The Beat Slayer
The Beat Assassin

They, either as a group or individually, engage in large amounts of buffoonery. So much buffoonery that there is a Niagara Falls Bi-law that discribes 295's antics as "pure fuckery"
One or more of the members of 295, especially "beat assassin," are rumored to either have strong addictions to huffing cans of whipped cream, or just suffering from natural retardation.

"295 is the best rap group in chippawa HANDS DOWN"
- Cameron Diaz
*bitch gets hit by car*

295's retarded music
by Bysnas August 10, 2010
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