Person: Mum can we have juice?
Mum: We have juice at home
Juice at home: Juicy
by Ace the simp March 19, 2023
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Term given to a young girl with high sex appeal, fresh skin and a shapely figure.

Often related to curves of a round butt and large breasts.
Person 1: Damn that girl is so hot. Her 34Es are so juicy!
Person 2: I just wanna squeeze those juicy jugs. They would drip sex if I did you know.
by Matt Bateman May 13, 2003
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What a special girl has that makes you run back to her
J : "Damn, Daniellaa got that juicy...gotta see her asap"
by CuteNerd June 17, 2013
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Stylish, cool, hip, having everything together.
Man, you been up to the Snack Shack? That shit's juicy.
by Chester Yo July 28, 2010
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1. Noun: A particularly creamy shit,

Usually one that just lays in your pants.
2. Adjective: A word used to describe something extremely good. commonly a reference to ass or titties.
Rule: the thing about juicy is its ALWAYS juicy.
1. I gone done a juicy in mah pants :(.
2. Dayummmm her titties are juicy as fuck mannn.
by reevesie February 23, 2011
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1. Something that is cool, vibrant, and unique. It is commonly used to replace boring, overused words such as "cool" or "sweet".

2. An adjective used to describe something that is full of juice.
1. "Wow, did you see that sculpture? It was juicy!"

2. The pineapple was extremely juicy.
by Large and on a barge April 28, 2009
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