the act of telling people that they be hating up on a nigga dat be up in yo grill because they think you be lieing.. and you get 60 minutes to explain
queer 1: im telling you bro your being a lier!

queer 2: no... 60 minutes bitch

queer 1: GOD DAMMIT!

queer 2: i didnt steal your heroin, i triped and fell and the needle happened to be standing up and it went straight in my arm and your girl just happed to have her mouth open while i was wacking it...

queer 1: as long as it was a accident...
by nigger bitch black August 25, 2008
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A CBS version of the Sunday night staple that ran once a weeknight from 1999-2005. The show was famously controversial for those forged documents that ruined Dan Rather's career.
I wonder if SeeB.S. learned from the 60 Minutes II fiasco
by StoogeWatcher July 29, 2010
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You are getting your dick sucked for at least one hour straight then when ur about to cum u just dont u hold it in and tell ur girl fuck! i cant cum... look! and when she looks in ur pee hole u jerk ur penis like if pumping a shotgun and bust ur nut right on her forehead yelling BOOM! BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY!
Peaches: Hey Chance were did u run off too last night?

Chance: NIGGA i was bustin 60 Minute Shotgun Super Nut! all night i cant even cum anymore look... *Peaches looks*

Chance: *Jerks penis* BOOM BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY
by angelesmadera April 03, 2008
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