When large numbers of people engage in oral sex in alternating face up/face down positions forming a circular group of people. An individual engaged in daisy chaining will be giving oral sex to one person while receiving oral pleasure from a different person (at the same time). Probably referring to a ring of intertwined bosies having a similar shape and arrangement to a flower arrangement used as a tiara.
"We had, like, 20 people in our daisy chain last night."
by Dave A. Jones May 4, 2005
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British teenagers engaging in a form of group sex The practice involves teenagers going to each others' homes to engage in sex with multiple partners.
I'm going to Susie's house to daisy chain with a bunch of British chicks.
by hdgkdhgkjd May 2, 2005
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when (usually boys in private schools) gather round and toss each other off
up for a bit off daisy chaining??
by john May 14, 2003
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Often found in porn, a phenomenon where multiple female participants perform cunnilingus on each other in a circular formation, permitting each participant to both give and recieve oral sex simultaneously.
Those sorority girls often daisy chain on the weekends for cash.
by Matt! February 18, 2003
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Partner (A) is sucking off or eating out partner (B) who is sucking off or eating out partner (C) and so on until the final person is sucking off or eating out partner (A). Partners can be gay, lesbian or straight.
"The Daisy chain is a favorite party game at large orgies."
by Long Island August 15, 2004
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1. Sexual position involving multiple partners. One partner is pleasuring another, usually orally; the second is pleasing a third, and so on. Usually applied to homosexual males having a "chain" of oral sex.
2. The process of attaching computer cables in sequence to create a longer cable distance.
1. You know when those guys get together, they just have one big daisy chain.
2. I need more parallel cables so I can create a daisy chain to connect my computer to the printer in the other room.
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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Several(3 or more) chicks laying pussy to head forming a chain(I.E chick A puts tounges chick B's pussy while Chick B tounges Chick C's pussy Ect. until the last chick in the chain tounges chick A's pussy)
dude that daisy chain was 20 chicks long!
by DoCtOr PiMp June 1, 2003
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