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A constrictive interlocking device placed at the base of the penis, to prevent blood from escaping and to strengthen erection.
My roommate's girlfriend was complaining that he was too soft, so I hooked him up with a cock ring for his birthday.
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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As a verb, to ejaculate. As a noun, the actual semen (cum) which is ejaculated.
I'm going to cream all over her face. Oh, and she really wants a load of my cream on her tits too.
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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Derogatory Mexican-Spanish term for a homosexual; the best English approximation is "faggot."
Ay, Pablo, you're such a joto!
by Brown Sugar March 21, 2003
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Closely trimmed pubic hair, e.g. around a vagina.
Are you sure she's really 18? She's barely got peach fuzz around her pussy!
by Brown Sugar March 20, 2003
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Maneuver by which a man who is performing doggystyle vaginal or anal intercourse pulls out at the brink of ejaculation and spits on the recipient's back, implying ejaculation. Subsequently, when the recipient turns to face the man, said man ejaculates on their face and/or other unexpected locales.
I did that bitch doggystyle, and then surprised her with a Philly fakeout!
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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1. Literally, vagina (see poontang).
2. Figuratively, vagina; one who is week (see pussy).
1. Man, I just want to get me some poon and fuck it all night long.
2. Dude, it's nothing to be worried about. Don't be such a poon!
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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An erogenous zone in the female, located in the anterior fornix region of the vagina. (Also see G spot.)
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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