The uterus. When your cock is long and her vagina is short, the extra length winds up in her uterus.
Man, nobody told me what a small cunt Amy has. I plowed my big hard cock right into the other room.
by fav January 24, 2007
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(my friend ask this the other day and I came up with this answer)
ORT: Other Room Talking; a common occurrence where in your domestic partner starts talking to you from another room in the same residence without any concern of whether or not you are listing. This is triggered by being in the same building. Response to this is veritable and not subject to any decipherable condition. More study and deeper research is needed in this area to find the cause or and possible cure for this milady.
why does my wife/husbin wait for me to be across the house before they start talking to me?

dude it's OTR Other Room Talking
by Rat Dan August 25, 2018
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a way to show your friends how much you want something when they deny it.
dude 1: hey dude wanna come with me to soobway
dude 2: I'm kinda busy at the moment, sorry
dude 1: I have your children in the other room
dude 2: oh shit, but I have your children in the other room too, soooo
dude 1: it didn't have to be this way, all i wanted was a sandwich
by kevin_wes September 21, 2018
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