891 definitions by john

A man that has boobs.
That fat kids has enormus manoobs
by john January 30, 2005
After intense hours of trying to come up with variations of the Pillsbury Doughboy to use on online games, Doughbuy has grown to be the most feared. Simply known as Doughbuy, he strikes fear into hearts of men and animal alike. All bow down before his might!
The almighty Doughbuy just pwned you... nub
by john December 3, 2004
A person who gives someone something, then wants it back!
Knoller loves to be an indian giver.
by john January 24, 2005
(1.) The minimum distance to maintain between one's self and something awful, bad, or obnoxious, (2.) The average distance little old ladies park their cars from the curb, when parallel parking, (3.) The penis length many straight women and gay men would love their partners to have, although they wouldn't know what to do with it, if it was, (4.) A light snowfall in Minot, North Dakota.
Examples: (1.) "I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole."
by john June 27, 2004
(n). A Korean whore.
1) _______ is a whorean; she slept with another guy other than her boyfriend during a school trip to New York.
by john March 21, 2005