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an essay only written in nhs for to torture the studnets. usually it combines acpects of hisotory and grammar along with a good analysis and its can affect ones grade up to 15%
After the long process of correcting the anchor essay all the grades were lowered by a facotr of 1/3
by john December 08, 2003
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Semi paramilitary group with the harge of defending the world against the threat of squirrel world domination. Originally based in Michigan, the ASC HQ was moved to Kentucky from which the war against the tree rats is coordinated to this day.
ASC special forces often go into the woods to gather intelligence and engage Enemy forces.
by john February 08, 2004
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fear/phobia of being single...deal with it
Sally will never meet a man, thus she suffers from anuptaphobia.
by john June 18, 2006
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when a child picks is anal cavity, farts, smells his fingers then repeats this activity for no longer then 12 seconds per day
tommy is an anusboy
by john February 25, 2004
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College student enrolled in an Architecture program. Archi(tect).
Student 1: John never gets any sleep.
Student 2: What do you expect, he's an archi.
by john April 24, 2005
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