"Yeah, I was sucking off Brad in the hot-tub last night, it was wild!"
by RingALingADingDong April 10, 2016
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For a man/woman to perform oral sex on a man until he comes.
i went to my lab partner's house to study last night, and she ended up sucking me off.
by Lieutenant Big Dick November 30, 2004
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For a person to lick/suck the genitals of a person of the opposite sex or even same sex if they are homosexual until that person ejaculates.
"I told that bitch to suck off my dick last night and she slapped me."

"Hahahah you're such a loser!"
by IceWarm October 2, 2004
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hey honey can u suck off me please i love you! if u do il give u a long night of heaven.
by Coen August 9, 2007
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1. To suck dicks till you faint from exhaustion or swallow so much cum that you throw up.
2. To suck someones dick till they cum in your mouth.
1. It took becky three whole days to suck off.
2. When kathy sucks off she still doesn't know what to do with the cum.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 11, 2009
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