13 definitions by Josquius

A charvanese word.
Primarily used in the evil act of 'txt'.
Gannan oot 2morra
by Josquius April 14, 2004
1: Short for a magazine
2: Short for magpie referring to supporters of Newcastle FC
Fuck the mags!
by Josquius April 15, 2004
A word for American rules football.
I believe it was invented in anger for them calling their game just plain football whilst it is clear that soccer is the most popular version of football and thus most entitled to that name.
Yankball is kind of like rugby but with pads and stuff.
by Josquius April 15, 2004
Off yer eed like
by Josquius April 15, 2004
To vomit after taking some form of drugs. Usually only used in referrance to weed.
by Josquius April 15, 2004
A Sunderland supporter.
It is derived from something or other to do with the ship building industry with 'we mackem and ye brackem'.
I'm afraid I'm not sure what this means however.
Come on the mackems!
by Josquius April 15, 2004