Someone or something that is odd and/or crazy.
"No you daft prat! You didn't do dingle-donger!" - Markiplier
by GalaxyKitten October 11, 2016
A term, mostly old people use, or like really smart people (like your high english teacher) it is used to describe someone that is odd, or wierd, or just plain stupid!!
Ari; blah blah blah, (stupid stuff)
English Teacher; That Ariana is so daft!
by Sofia Hans August 18, 2009
Dope as fuck though. When you do something so cool it's almost crazy.
You almost hurt yourself doing that flip, I have to say it was pretty daft.
by Slevin007Kelevra May 5, 2016
John smacks his head into a wall.
His close friend Robert says, "Nice job your daft!"
by mike of the rh October 28, 2007