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Dehydratingly bad.
the antonym of Renal.
My life was getting cystic until I found this oasis.

Tomorrow I will realize how cystic this party is - hangovers are not renal.

That meeting was so cystic my tongue has lodged in my throat.
by t.donia October 17, 2007
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1. Shorter version of calling people who have cystic fibrosis.

2. A soccer game variant in which once person is goal keep and the remaining players have to try and volley the ball in. If the keeper catches the ball or the ball goes into the goal without it being from a volly, the person is now the new goalkeeper. the game is played until keeper reached 10 goals inside, at this point everybody has bragging right against him and may now refer to him detrimentally as 'cystic'
Haha Bob you idiot your shit in goal, your a fucking cystic kid.
by imretardoman July 06, 2010
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