Something rock stars say that they are gonna do, while they still live till' they're 80...
person 1: hey, Aint it fun when you know that you'r gonna die young?

person 2: yeah, such fun....
by Ramone! March 9, 2008
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They tend to be rockers, glamorous, rich and / or famous, with tragic deaths.
Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.
by Chechu September 18, 2013
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Expression meaning take lots of risks, have lots of fun, and don't suffer through old age. It is implied that the first half of the expression is what causes the second half.
Guy 1: I can't wait to be 65 when I can get medicare.
Guy 2: Oh god, I hope I never get that old. Live fast, die young.
by Anonymous1769 March 22, 2010
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Live fast die young (LFDY) is a slogan to encourage people to do what they want when the opportunity arises because tomorrow never comes. It is encouragement to take risks.
If you wanna do it, do it! Don't waste no time just being old. Live fast, die young!
by tsunami1416 January 1, 2022
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I have a theory it means the “contract”ends like that like with lil peep and juice wrld they both had thier birthday and died around the same week both young rappers get cake die young
Lil peep said he woke up with it but idk I think I’m getting to into it cause my ptsd keeps acting up from when I died lol I also died before my birthday n peep said nah he didn’t get his cake and I got like another chance at life get cake die young
by ALLAH January 31, 2021
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Fuck it there’s no point in caring just let life take control and live through the motions and leave it all on the table cause tomorrow never comes there’s only today
Why would I jump off the plane

Live fast die young
by DaVinciboi October 26, 2022
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